CASEE was founded in 2018. We are a young and dynamic company from Belgium with both feet firmly on the ground. 

Our passion and ambition is to be independent and innovative in the broadcast industry and system integration solutions. 

We believe that quality and durability of a product can no longer be separated from each other, but by working creatively and efficiently we can guarantee quality and durability. 

We are also socially involved and have an eye for the environment. 

We consider sustainability a must and strive to contribute to a better and cleaner world. 

We customise to your wishes

Every product you buy from us can be modified to your wishes. Every non-existing product can be developed.

24/7 Ticket support

Please register at myCASEE and submit a new ticket. We contact you as soon as possible to solve your problem.

Nothing is impossible

Dare us. We have all the knowledge and field experience in the broadcast industry to find the best solution.

Products and services 

This is partly due to years of craftsmanship and knowledge within the broadcast industry. It gives a high added value. This way we always aim for a high quality end product, which is innovative and sustainable. 

We manufacture and supply products within the broadcast industry, we can do this by constantly following the broadcast industry, such as broadcast IP and fiber technology but also the applied IT technology in the broadcast industry.